Suggestions for Collections

Try the various assortments of collections selected from our main products. Enjoy a real organoleptic experience and follow our suggestions if you are trying our products for the first time. You can fill your own box by choosing the trays to want to put together.

Suggestion n°1


Introducing a range of new flavours across a sensual, feminine colour palette - The Cœur Framboise, Maison Pierre Marcolini’s iconic heart-shaped raspberry chocolate ganache, is joined by 5 brand new pairings of flavours and emotions: lemon Frisson, passion fruit Passion, pistachio praline Plaisir, nougat praline Tendresse and salted caramel Douceur complete the range alongside raspberry Séduction.

€ 28,00

Suggestion n°2

Cœurs Framboise

Fresh raspberry ganache with a lemon zest twist. The raspberry heart is our emblem. Plump, delicate, refined. 25 small hearts aglow in their box illustrate love.

€ 25,00

Suggestion n°3

Chocolate box by Olympia Le-Tan, "Eyes" theme

Two boxes with a selection of chocolates by Olympia Le-Tan. Each of the two boxes boasts on its lid a mischievous design on a pink background. These seductive eyes accompany the line “J'ai les yeux plus gros que le ventre”. An unprecedented collaboration between the worlds of fine chocolate-making and fashion, a fleeting bit of sweetness in a gorgeous box that will become a collectible item to cherish forever.

€ 35,00

Suggestion n°4

Malline Découverte

34 original chocolates in a Pierre Marcolini collection. An assortment which is undeniably one of the emblematic collections for which Pierre Marcolini is famous.

€ 30,00

Suggestion n°5

Les flocons de neige

The snowflake, that delicate wonder of the natural world, lies graciously on a checkerboard of caramel- or praline-filled chocolates. Move them around like the pieces of a jigsaw, creating endless variations on the same theme. A fun and hearty concept which captures the sharing spirit of Christmas. There’s still so much joy to be had from the childhood fun of catching snowflakes on the tip of your tongue – you’ll definitely be wanting to get a taste of these ones…

€ 24,50

Suggestion n°6

Truffes champagne

36 Champagne truffles made from a creamy champagne ganache, dusted with icing sugar.

€ 32,00

Suggestion n°7

Pierre Marcolini in 4 collections

An unforgettable venture into Pierre Marcolini’s worlds. The strong taste of cocoa made from beans selected by Pierre Marcolini and the astonishing texture of the fine squares… without forgetting the subtle mix of the fruity filling in the raspberry hearts and the sumptuous truffle of the day.

€ 95,00

Suggestion n°8

Coffret Cube

What a beautiful present! A “surprise” selection of 8 bars that leads you on a voyage of the senses into the world of Maison Pierre Marcolini. Better than a box of chocolates… it’s a true anthology.

€ 60,00

Suggestion n°9

Coffret Cube

Set off on a sensual journey into the land of all things Maison Pierre Marcolini with this “surprise” selection of 4 sweet treats. Give yourselves over to the sweet charms of this chocolate, which is subtly accompanied by dried and candied fruit.

€ 60,00

Suggestion n°10

Deluxe Suggestion

Tasting an excellent chocolate with a great single malt whisky or fine rum is always an immense surprise. In honour of this combination, Pierre Marcolini has launched a truly avant-garde collection called “Rare Whiskies and Rums.”

€ 49,00

Suggestions for Tablets

Try various assortments of tablets and compare the organoleptic profile of each bean carefully selected from exceptional small estates. The beans are fermented and dried on the estate to ensure full development of the aromas. They are then roasted in the traditional manner in our Brussels workshop. Careful heat control captures the flavours stored in the beans. You can order several tablets from the same cru by clicking on “Tablets and Treats” on the home page.


A selection of our classics
For great gourmets who like milder, sweeter tastes and for those who love the more classical products revamped Pierre Marcolini.

€ 29,00


A selection of our main grands crus from great estates
Let yourself be surprised by the organoleptic profile of high-quality beans grown on estates which have optimised their harvest to obtain a precious product.

€ 29,00


A selection of grands crus of rare fine cocoas, from the noblest estates
The ultimate taste experience. Some of the rarest fine cocoas selected from outstanding small producers. Ideal for connoisseurs who want to be thrilled by the unique character of exceptional beans.

€ 39,00


A rare, fine cocoa of the Forastero type.
Grown in the rice fields of the Mekong Delta, which have high pH, it gives the chocolate a fresh, tart taste. Pierre has added a few freshly roasted cocoa nibs to reinforce the natural yellow fruit flavour and add crunchiness.

€ 39,00

Suggestions for Treats

Give in to the enchantment of a square of chocolate delicately sprinkled with dried fruit and nuts. Pierre has worked on the complementarity of flavours and textures between each ingredient and one of his chocolates. Available in gourmet packs so you can compare various combinations of dried fruit and nuts, candied fruit and chocolate made from exceptional grand cru cocoa beans, roasted in our workshop.

Suggestion n°1

Marcolini fondant and milk chocolate with fruit and nuts.

€ 58,00

Suggestion n°2

Our candied fruit coated in Marcolini fondant chocolate.

€ 58,00

Limited Edition: Cocoa Infusions

Shells of roasted cocoa beans ready for infusion.

Suggestion 1: Cocoa Infusion

2x 8 sachets of Cocoa Infusion.


Available soon

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€ 19,00

Suggestion 2: Cocoa Infusion / Cocoa Infusion & Jasmine

8 sachets of Cocoa Infusion.
8 sachets of Cocoa Infusion mingled with Jasmine.


Available soon

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€ 19,00

Macaroon Collections


Macaroon Collection: Our Classics

Two almond meringue shells filled wit a light mascarpone cream in various classical flavours.

€ 19,20

Macaroon of the Month : BERGAMOT

This citrus fruit – with its yellow tint that tends subtly towards green like a fine watercolour wash, its delicate flesh, and fresh, acid aromas – is sure to be irresistible to refined gourmets and aesthetes alike. Drenched in Calabrian sunshine, the origins of this cross between bitter orange and lime are steeped in legend and mystery.

€ 19,20